Video and Production


Gray Fu

He is interested in photography, basketball and playing the guitar.  He plans to make vlogs for recording his life recently, in  the long term, before graduated from high school, he wants to make a microfilm with friends. He’s also crazy about everything related to technology. His dream is to advocate a revolution to change human's trip mode and to change the period of automobile into a new era.


Isabella Ying

Isabella is the co-organiser of this event, she's obsessed with books, hedgehogs and outdoor sports.As a self-proclaimed global citizen and committed environmentalist, she has organised several community service since Grade 8 in hope to raise people's awareness on climate change. She hopes the world will go carbon neutral by 2030.

 Andrew Gong


Editorial, Marketing


Amy  Xu

She is an enthusiastic, creative and sociable girl with free spirit, and she can always find a reason to smile. Amy is passionate about playing the piano, dancing, and acting. At leisure she likes watching movies and playing basketball. Amy hopes to learn psychology in the university, and she has organized several psychology lectures at school before.


Coco Xu

She has a passion for drawing, music and traveling. She has a good sense of humor but may be shy in front of strangers. She has tried to lose weight several times but never succeeded. She wants to be an engineer in the future.


Editorial, Marketing


Rita Cui

She likes dancing ,traveling and doing handwork.She used to teach herself to dance at home, and she thought it was the best way to lose weight. She also keeps a diary and makes it look pretty with pictures. Her dream is to do "we media" to tell more people about her life or everyone's life, including shooting vlogs or videos.


Editorial, Marketing


Catherine Zhang

She likes math, biology and chocolate. Catherine in G9 lays great confidence in Math study and enjoys learning together with G10 students. Catherine has a cat sister which is British short hair variety. She hopes all classrooms can be equipped with AI to create global learning community.


 Esther Feng


Evan Wu

Event Manager

Celia Xue

She is passionate about biological research, tennis, and music. She is a big fan of Chinese singers from 90s but fascinated with current pop culture. She used to use an eraser for six years in primary school. Her dream is to make CRISPR in humans safe and feasible.

Website Manager

Sebastian Fang

He likes math and programming. (He likes things that make you loose hair) His dream is to prove Riemann Hypothesis and create virtual AI world which can help get people away from real world.

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