TED ideas- Adolfo Martin Gonzales Villanueva

In order to be a positive influence in people’s lives and help them create meaningful differences within their own self-reflection, do simply one thing, care. Care, in its most basic of definition, is an important life skill that encompasses four very essential humanistic attributes, compassion, understanding, patience and empathy. Demonstrating care throughout all aspects of life can lead to remarkable effects such as positive self-reflections. Nobody in this world desires to be uncared for, marginalized or ostracized. Feeling cared for and understood is a basic human need that if applied genuinely by another can empower individuals to find and accept their true selves and propel them to leave their unique print in an ever-changing world. As an educator whose personal pedagogy strives beyond academic achievements and adopts a holistic approach to education, it is essential to pass this notion of care throughout all facets of life in order to take the first steps in creating more empathic and well-balanced societies invested in human growth and development.

Nanwai King's College School Wuxi

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