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Courage for Common Folk

“Think Beyond Now”. To decide what the meaning of our event is to me, I thought about what it isn’t. To me, thinking beyond now suggests not dwelling on the past and not living so intensely in the present that the future is neglected.


Doing nothing is almost always easier than doing something. From something as simple as washing the dirty dishes to doing homework…not doing something is easier than doing it…in that moment. Beyond that moment, however, there may be consequences. The same can be said for confronting wrongdoing, intervening when a loved one is going down the wrong path, or calling up an estranged family member.


            To me, courage is doing what we are afraid to do. Courage is what can support us as we face difficult situations and take action, even when we are scared. I rely on courage to make the right choices in the present, to face situations that scare me, to “Think Beyond Now”.

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