TED ideas- Julia Jiang

A teenager’s discussion on life goals-inspired by experiences from both public and private education


My idea is to provide an inspiration of how teenagers can think about their goals in relation to their motivation, life, and expectations. I want to talk about my own experiences, share my motivations and expectations I held for myself and how they change as I gradually encounter different things. I also want to talk about the disappointments I perceived when my expectations do not match the reality as well as the effects and consequences on myself.as well as my reactions on them and how I think I should deal with them next time similar things happen. But more importantly, I want to use my own experiences to inform all the teenagers that hare similar experiences with me do not be disappointed by the difference between expectations and realities. All of the imaginative souls should not disappear and stop to dream because of the disappointment.


For teenagers’ transition from sheltered children into independent adults, the process crates inevitable confusion and question towards identity, life, and future. It is a very important topic to discuss. However, there are relatively few talks or books that shed lights on Chinese teenagers, especially teenagers that plan to study abroad or have been abroad. Almost every teenager questions what they want to be in the future but few has an answer. I will create a survey revealing life goals and motivations that teenagers hold for themselves as well as how they deal with disappointment in life to further statistically illustrate the significance. I hope that as a teenager, my voice can resonate with some lost souls and inspire them to have a new perspective towards life choices and expectations.

In addition, I hope I can also provide the adults and parents with a new perspective of us the teenagers. Offering my own experience and surveys, I want parents to become more aware of how teenagers think and be supportive to their young adults that experience the transition of mindset and believes.


This links to the theme “Thinks Beyond Now” as I want to inspire teenagers to think beyond this moment and consider what truly matters to them. This is a big topic and perspectives are versatile. But I want to offer my perspectives and my solutions on how to think beyond current situations and expectations. It is a useful and helpful type of thinking habit for me. I want to inspire teenagers to think beyond and be prepared for the potential disappointment they may encounter when current expectations are fulfilled and how they can set their mindsets to consider what they want in the long run. “Thinks Beyond Now” is a way of solution I offer towards teenagers for adjusting disappointment and difficulties as well as an advantageous habit for identifying ourselves and establishing self-recognition.

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